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Concrete Porch Repairs

With over 30 years of experience as concrete contractors in the Seattle area, the professionals at Slabjack Geotechnical know their way concrete porches. Nothing is more classic-looking than a concrete front porch, but overtime slab settlement may compromise the look. Slab settlement refers to the unavoidable movement that a concrete slab experiences when the soil it rests on begins to change its condition. Slab settlement is a natural process and will occur in every structure over time. However, sub-par workmanship and a failure to take soil conditions into account result in rapid settling that can cause cracks, sinking, and structural damages. Without investing in professional concrete porch repair, the problems will worsen, and repair may no longer be an option.

The team of professionals at Slabjack Geotechnical have performed countless concrete porch repairs in Washington and Idaho and have developed a reputation for superior work. We know just what to look for and can provide a solution that will not just repair the concrete but help prevent further damage from occurring. Whether the scope of your concrete porch repair project involves raising, leveling, grinding, filling, or crack repair, we have the strategies to solve it.

To request a quote, or to learn more about our Washington and Idaho concrete porch repair services, contact one of our specialists at (855) 752-2522.

Porches of all sizes can settle,.. ask SlabjackGeotechnical,.. we know! Call the settled concrete professionals today for Free Estimate! 1-855-752-2522

Porches are the entryway to your home and it is very important to provide a proper, safe porch.

Porches can settle as easy as a more exposed slab, and when it does,... SlabjackGeotechnical is the one to call! 1-855-752-2522

A settled porch is no match for SlabjackGeotechnical.


Porches that settle can become outright dangerous. Better call SlabjackGeotechnical for the fast, easy and low cost repair!


Porches can usually be brought back to level by SlabjackGeotechnical.


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